This scripture still amazes me…..and somehow, I just do not seem to get the total meaning of it.  God giving his son for us.  I compare that act to, …well, sometimes how I act, how I think, how I believe and the things that I say……and it seems somehow way out of comparison.

I was teaching on Experiencing God last night and after the teaching, a woman came to me and was talking about how, she knew that God provided healing but sometimes just felt like maybe it was “not for her.”  I know how she felt.  Sometimes, I just can’t square with the fact that God gave his son…..for me. 

I have a 4 year old son (and 3 daughters) and I can not imagine giving him up for anything.  That is why we are not God….because we would not do it.  But he did it for us. 

Don’t put God in a box today.  Think about the fact that he gave his son for us.  Hey, and if you have not come to terms with this yet, if you have always wondered about this sin thing and how to be free, if you have thought, well, some guy wanting to tell me about Jesus….and you want to know more…maybe take advantage of the offer God made,…then email my personal email. 

3:16…just unreal.

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