Joshua 4:1-18 tells a remarkable storyabout what occurred as Joshua and the nation of Israel were entering the land promised to them by God after wandering in the desert…..  Canaan…at their doorstep….oh but one more obstacle.  Water. 

Joshua sends in the priest…into what stood between them and their promise.  Water….The Jordan River……They had the Ark of the Covenant on their shoulders.  The waters opened and stopped.  God was showing them….and us…that the things that stand between us and what God has for us may look good but may just be an obstacle. What may look good, water in the desert,…may be a problem.  Enter into whatever is challenging you and it will cease.  Walk into the water, stop it, walk through and then….take what is inside of the obstacle….in this instance….12 stones…(a coming post).

In the desert,….(this is where they were),…water is the difference between life and death.  In this instance,..water was in the way….death.  It stood between Joshua, (the people of Israel), and their home.

So, what are you up against?   What is standing in the the way of you and where God wants you to be?  What is it that you need to get into and stand in to conquer?  Is is guilt, unforgiveness, hate,… fear, doubt, unbelief…debt, selfishness, greed….pride, ego, anger?  What may look good, water in the desert,…a new house, car, things, power, position, ego,…may be standing in the way of where God wants you to be.    A water hazard.