Jimmy was a homeless guy that I spoke about in a previous post.  He gave his life to Christ a couple of weeks ago.  After Jimmy’s salvation, he asked me to pray for him.  He wanted a job, he wanted to be productive but he had no education and no phone and no address.  We went outside away from the crowd inside and we prayed.  As I was praying for Jimmy, the Lord gave me a word for Jimmy. 

Jimmy had  made a radical change in his life to come to know Jesus.  It was as if Jesus said that I have been waiting for you and I have a job for you.  I was hesitant, as I am when I feel the urging from the Lord, as I learn more and more to listen to Him and hear what He has to say to me.  I want to make sure it is God and not me.  I could feel the urging of the Holy Spirit telling me about a job for this homeless, uneducated, no address, no phone number guy……..and it was a clear voice…  “Jimmy, I have a job for you.  You have labored by yourself…without me…but now, rest now in Me and I will bring this job to pass…..in 14 days..”  So I told Jimmy this……I know…….you probably think this is mumbo jumbo…..that there are a lot of Christians without jobs today.  I know this.

I got a call this morning on the way to church from my buddy Mike Ellis’ cell phone.  Seemed strange…..but Jimmy was on the phone.  Mike let him call me and tell me about the job he had, the place to stay he had and the food he had.  Jimmy is now going to church with my buddy Mike at Port Orange First United Methodist, ……  they have a homeless ministry…..to turn around folks like Jimmy. 

cool stuff.   Jimmy Page 2.  God is awesome.

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