When a college professor would say…now listen closely…..I usually knew that this information would be required of me later.  Jesus was the quintessential teacher. 

Jesus was telling the story of the parable of the Sower and the seeds and was giving an example of all that could go wrong in the process….so we better sow liberally.  Then he goes into a story about a light and how the light should be put on top of a stand so that it could be seen.  Then, Jesus says this in Luke 8:18, “Therefore, consider carefully how you listen.” 

Many times I just half listen to my kids, my wife, the news, directions to a destination……just a lot of times.   I tend to daydream.  Jesus is saying, consider carefully how you listen to what I am saying.  So, guess what?  Sometimes I just half listen to Jesus also.  I mean, it seems like I am so busy and burdened and trying to go here and there and just fix things myself that I do not listen to what God has to say to me.  And in doing this, I short cut what God is trying to tell me to do.  I don’t listen.

That is not a good thing.  Not listening to the Lord.  When I boil my life down to the many circumstances and things that I have really messed up..all those decisions where I wish I had a do over…..I realize that I was not carefully considering what the Lord was saying to me. 

The Lord wants the very best for us…..but we must listen closely……consider carefully how we listen to Him…..then obey.  More on obey later.  

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