The common commercial branded saying of a wireless phone company.  A pretty neat catchy phrase.  Usually in the commercial there is a host of Verizon employees that are behind this guy and who support him and the customer.

John 8:47 says, “He who belongs to God hears what God says.”  It is like God is saying……can  you hear me now? 

My wife called me one day a little over 2 years ago on the cell phone.  She told me about this person that had a 18 month old son and how the state had taken the son away from the mom because of her chemical abuses.  My wife said that the  young boy needed a home and that we were so blessed to have a home.  She asked me to not interrupt her (I didn’t realize I did that!!) and she just wanted to finish telling me about the need of this child. 

While she was talking, I began to think of our other children, where would we put this young boy, how would we pay for his insurance and his school and food and …………  but the entire 2 minute conversation that my wife was having with me was blank…… All I could hear was God saying, “this boy needs a home and I have sent him to you.”  To me!    God was saying to me…..Can you hear Me now? 

I did.  Tyler is now 4 years old.  He is the neatest thing around the  house.  The kids love him…we all love him.  The times that I listen and hear God…then obey are the best times of my life.