Jesus taught a lot on prayer and he practiced prayer a lot.  Yes, he did teach us the “big” prayer that we know as The Lord’s Prayer…but he did go into a sort of process on how to pray.  It is what I would call an active way to pray…..and he lays out a  process.  Check this out. 

Now, this was just after Jesus was praying and his disciples asked him, “how to pray” and then Jesus went off on the Lord’s Prayer.  Then, just as Jesus would often do,….after he told them something to teach them, he would give an example.   Jesus then went into an example of this person that needed some bread….but it was in the middle of the night.  So the person in need goes to a friend and asks for it…in the middle of the night….and the person getting awaken (sleepy head) does not like it.  But the bread needer (get it needer,…kneader?) anyway,…the bread needer keeps asking.  Sleepy head realizes bread needer won’t give up so sleepy head gets up and gives bread needer the bread.  Then Jesus gets to the process. Luke 11:9, Jesus says this, “So, I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” 

Ask…..Seek…..Knock…..   I am good at the asking.  I have that pretty well down.  Don’t know about you but the asking comes naturally for me, and sometimes for things that as I look back are sort of shallow.  I always want…and sometimes it is connected to God.  But when I really am praying for God’s will and God’s intervention…..I usually find that God is already working to get things done…I just need to start seeking or looking.  Ask, seek……there is an expectation connected to these two words…ask, seek….faith….  Faith joins the asking and then the looking or seeking what I am asking for….then knock….  Going through the door that God has already prepared. 

When you pray……begin looking, seeking for the things  you have prayed for and begin looking for the places that God is already working.  God is ahead of us working these things out.  As you see what God is doing….knock on the door.  He is waiting for us.