I have fished all my life.  When I was just a young boy, I loved to fish.  My dad taught me.  If I finished my homework, I was allowed to go out to ponds near my house, in a small boat with an electric trolling motor and fish.  I got really good at it.  It took time for me to learn but I got  very proficient at it with rubber worms, top water baits and flys on a fly rod.  I loved it.   I got good at knocking out my homework too so I could fish.  It was a process.

Jesus was in Galilee near the Sea of Galilee.  He met some fishermen.  Some guys that, unlike me that fished for fun, these guys were real fishermen.  Simon (later known as Peter) and Andrew his brother were casting their nets.  Jesus told them that he would make them become fishers of men

Not he had made them ….but that he would make them become.  God is a process sort of guy.  He gets us started on the way and He develops us.  It is like we are processed meat.  We don’t just arrive one day….we go through a process.  I mean, once we give our lives to Christ,….our spirit is secured.  It is our soul,….our mind, will and emotion….that God works on as we yield this area to him. 

I listened to my dad about fishing and hunting…….and life.  He had been processed……he had become….by God.   So am I and so are you…processed meat.  As we yield to God…we become.  If we do not yield to God,…we do not become what He has for us.