Elisha was a powerful prophet. Elisha was in the city of Dothan (not Alabama) and they were surrounded by enemy troops.  Elisha had a servant that saw all of this and was terrified.  See how all these cats on Al Jezeera TVcut off heads of people.  The servant, I will bet, was thinking about this.  Elisha was calm.  Elisha prayed for the Lord to open the eyes of the servant….not his physical eyes but his spiritual eyes.  This prayer is in 2 Kings 6:17 and it says that the servant’s eyes were opened and he saw horses and chariots of fire around Elisha. 

Chariots symboilze power.  But unlike the chariots of Pharaoh, the chariots of God are of fire and protect His people and destroy His enemy.  They are spiritual chariots.  And our battles are not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in high places.   

You may be battling against stuff that you can see.  Mountains of debt, no job, kids that are in trouble, a marriage that is not working, broken cars, bad neighbors, a country in decline, stock market tanking,  drug/alcohol/pornography addictions, stuff that is coming at you from many directions, failed relationships, unforgiveness….I tell you today that there are chariots of fire all around you.  You are not alone.  I am not alone.  Despite my sometimes just self destructive way of thinking…..God has our back. 

I pray today that your eyes will be opened, that my eyes will be opened.  That we will collectively see where God is already working around us.  Do not be dismayed.  I want to encourage you today.  Get out of debt, get away from addictions, break the cycle of failed relationships, call your children home, forgive, invest in the Kingdom.   Jump on one of the chariots of fire.  May your eyes be opened.

louie @ lmercer6@cfl.rr.com