You ever just get so much stuff going on that you just want to zone out?  Ever get so much stress, maybe about a  job, or debt or kids that drive you crazy that you want to run away?  Ever get so much coming at you that you feel just closed in, cornered, want to sort of just disappear?  How about sickness, or addictions or habits that just seem to linger and never go away?  It is like you just want to get in the car and drive, drive, drive away from all the “stuff” that pokes and prods at you.  I don’t know about you but I have felt that way before.  I have felt like I have just wanted to get away…..and that is what I have done.  Get away.  Shucks, even this morning….I got up just all stressed out.  I am not sure why…..so I got up and went for a walk, along one.  Then sat and chilled on my ipod for about 30 minutes in the back of the yard near the porch in the dark..head down, singing to the songs (hopelessly out of tune) … at 545am after walking for an hour or so.

In Mark 1:35 the scriptures say, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.” I just began to pray this morning after chilling on some Misty Edwards.  I then grabbed my bible and read the verse above.  It was like pure revelation.  I  had left the house at 415ish am, watched the stars in a clear, cool dark moonless morning and thought about God.  Then I just prayed.  Left the house where my wife and kids slept.  The most wonderful things on earth that I have.  The source of so much joy and fulfillment.  But it was in the house where it is oftentimes hard for me to get close to God.  Kids, clothes, lunches, beds to make (that is a lie) clothes to wash, weeds to pull…just the house. 

Zone out like Jesus did.


God is so cool.