For about 22 years, I was in police work until I retired.  I had various assignments and duties.  I rose through the ranks quickly and for most of my career, I was luckily a supervisor or administrator of the agency I worked for.  Employees come in many shapes and sizes and have a many different work ideas and ethics.  And policing sometimes lends itself to quick actions and orders that must be obeyed quickly to be effective.  However, one group of people that I had work for me that, without exception, obeyed what I directed or commanded were people that had been a part of the United States Marine Corps.   Period.

These were folks that saw the rules as meant for the overall good of everyone.  They saw those in authority over them as being in charge.  They read the rules, they obeyed the rules, they loved the rules.  Period.  I always enjoyed having them around and they enjoyed being around.  It was like they had the rules and the character to obey and enforce them deeply rooted within themselves. 

In John 14:21 Jesus said this, “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me.”  You see, it is not enough to have the commands.  We all have them.  It is not enough to be able to quote the commands.  And this word commands, some versions say commandments, does not just mean the big 10.  The word literally means a precept, a prescription, a fixed position on something, a goal….  Whoever has my goals, my prescription on things, my position on things…..and does them…..he or she is the one that loves me. 

Now, I have to ask myself…….because I know more and more and more, the commands of God, the way He does business, the ways He works……but I falter some, well maybe too much on doing them all the time.  Our goal is not just to know the angle God is heading….but to do what He tells us. 

My challenge is to do it more this week than I did last week,…with my family, my work, my church…..just me.