Evil Treasure….Jesus himself talked about that….

In Luke 6, Jesus is making a comparison about good and bad and how to tell the difference.  It is strange that Jesus would have to give an example of what is good and what is bad to make a comparison.  It is as if the people he was talking to…..his disciples….his closest friends….were having or would have trouble in telling the difference.  Like, which bank do we trust, which insurance agent do we trust, which stock broker do we trust, which senator or representative do we trust, which pastor do we trust, which church do we trust, which doctrine do we trust, which president do we trust, prayfor and submit to?  OK, maybe Jesus had a point. 

In Luke 6:45, Jesus says this, “The good man, out of the good treasure of his  heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his  heart brings forth evil.”  Your  heart is in your chest, the bible says that an evil man has evil treasure in his heart,….he then would have an evil treasure chest.

What is in our treasure chests?  Jesus says one of two things.  Good treasure or evil treasure is in our hearts.  When I think of a tresure chest, I think of vast amounts of good.  I think of abundance.  I think overflow.  But evil treasure….never even entered my mind.

In this passage, Jesus was trying to show that the heart and what is in it is the key.  The treasure that is in our  heart, good or bad, will come out because Jesus finishes with, “out of the overflow of the heart (the treasure holder)…the mouth speaks.”

I struggle with how I speak.  Yea, I don’t cuss like a sailor..(don’t want to offend any sailors).  I don’t speak evil towards other people, I am not prone to gossip necessarily,….but I am not always speaking things to edify, to uplift, to calm or to encourage.  Got to check my treasure chest each day to work on keeping evil out and good in…..for out of the overflow of my treasure chest, my mouth speaks.   Evil Treasure Chest!  Hope not. 

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