Jesus was all around doing all sorts of stuff.  He only had about 3 years.  It is amazing that he was such a focal point in just 3 years.  I have known people for 20, 30 and 40 years and I still am not sure on how they feel about certain things, how they would react, what they would say.  I have been married for over 20 years and still are surprised at some things my wife says or does….and she me.  My parents are still alive, both are about 85 years old and I have been in relationship with them  for….well all my life.  They still surprise me.

Jesus was with his disciples.  He had been with them day  and night for a couple of years now.  He asked them….who do people say that I am?  He got the John the Baptist, Elijah and Jeremiah or a prophet answer.  Peter said that Jesus was the, “living Christ, the Son of the Living God.”  Jesus responded that Peter got this revelation from God in heaven. 

Peter  had a relationship with God so that Jesus knew the real deal.  Jesus knew that Peter had been in deep fellowship….in relationship with God in Heaven.  I long to have a relationship with God so that I can just know things because God told me. 

I have had so many mess ups in my life, so many wrong turns, so many unbelievable screwups, so many wrong decisions… seems sometimes like I could never get God and my relationship with Him straight.  Well, Peter too.  Just a short time after this….old Peter…..slam dunks Jesus and just flat dumps him.  He even denies knowing Him.

So, what do you say about it.  Are we too messed up to get into relationship with God?  I don’t think so. I think we need to get closer in our relationships with all of our earthly folks that still surprise us with stuff they do or say….and we need to just get closer to God in relationship so that we can understand and hear from Him more.

That takes time…our time….His time…..He has a bunch of it….we have to make time for it.