On His arrival, Jesus found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days.  John 11:17

Lazarus is listed in scripture as one that Jesus loved.  It is specifically mentioned in scripture……”the one you loved is sick.”  So, this guy that Jesus loved is sick….bad sick.  And this guy Lazarus, well, he eventually dies.  And Jesus is not there.  Actually, Jesus is in a town close by but does not immediately come….but He was going to go,…just not when everyone expected Him to come. 

So, Lazarus dies and is in the tomb for four days.  Tombs then were often caves in mountain sides or hills.  The procedure would be to wrap the body in perfumes and then cloths and put them in the tomb, roll a really big and heavy stone over the hole to the cave.  These holes or entrances to the caves or tombs would often be small.  The rock to cover it, very large. 

Jesus finally comes and tells those around to roll back or remove the stone.  They tell him…..Lazarus has been there 4 days….and he stinks….some versions say there is an odor.  Let there be no doubt about it…if you are in a cave in the desert for 4 days and you are dead….it stinks!  And getting in there…well, would be stinky business.  (You can read this whole story in John 11.)

That is like our lives.  There are a lot of things about getting involved with this Jesus that is stinky business.  Just some nasty stuff.  Our lives are nasty.  People on the street are nasty.  The way we (I)  think and act are nasty.  A lot of what we do and are….well, just stinks.  Like Lazarus,…a dead body.

Now, Jesus got involved in this man Lazarus’ life that day as Lazarus stunk.  Jesus dealt with it and raised Lazarus from the dead.  He fixed it.  That is what Jesus wants to do with the dead stinky stuff in our lives.  My life.  Jesus wants to deal with it.  Jesus wants us too to get involved with stinky stuff around us….stinky business.   Got stink?  Jesus wants to deal with it.  See stink?  Jesus wants you to get involved.  If we are not careful…we can walk right by something that is stinky that needs help.   Roll back the stone.