I asked a group of young persons this weekend what they thought about gifts and what they thought gifts were.  They said things they were given, basically presents.  Christmas, birthday and holiday stuff given to them.  When pressed closer, they responded with some comments that represented talents, abilities and things that could be used for ministering to others. 

1 Peter 4:10 says this, “Each one should use whatever gift  he has received to serve others.”  We always want gifts.  How about giving gifts?  What about the stuff we have when others need it?  What about even regifting….you have a gift you have……that you got…….and  you give it to others…..

In the early church, the ones that loved the Lord, who had an encounter with the Lord,….were together and gave to each other as anyone had need.  They regifted…. They got something and  gave it away….I think we have gotten away from this.

What gift do you have to give today to your Lord, then your family, then others around you?