My wife and I had a rare opportunity.  A good friend from church offered to watch our 3 kids last Friday night so we could go out.  My wife just completed a 5 or more year odyssey getting a new pre-school at our church completed…and it is full of children at the completion!  Praise God. 

We went to the Chart House for dinner..a rare occasion.  We had a great seat looking out over the water, had a wonderful time there, largely based on our waiter.  He was the consumate professional….always there when we needed something but not to the point of being a pest.  He was absolutely in charge of the evening after we told him about our recent accomplishment and why we were celebrating.  This young man was just great…well beyond our expectation.

It reminded me of Jesus in Matthew 20 when he said, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”  The concept of Jesus waiting on me just came to life that night.  This young man was so humble, confident and accommodating that it made our night.  Jesus was like that too.  He laid aside His stature and became a servant…and he wants us to serve too.  He wants us to serve our Lord, our church, our family, our neighbors, our co-workers……just everyone…and by doing so, we show His love and make their day like this young man made our day at the Chart House. 

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