I grew up in Bunnell, Florida and had a big house and a big yard and a great family.  We had chickens, orange trees, tangerine trees, pear trees and a grape vine.  We derived much fruit and joy from the fruit trees and grape vine as well as eggs from the chickens and ….well, chicken from the chickens. 

The grape vine was really neat.  It was built up off of the ground where we could walk under it.  It was up on poles and then horizontal pieces of lumber.  Grapes were everywhere!  The vines would grow up the poles and then branch out on the timbers above, overhead….and that was where the grapes were.  Jesus, in John 15:5 says this, “I am the vine and you are the branches.  If a man (or woman) remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit;  apart from me you can do nothing.” 

Grapes were an important part of Jewish life and commerce.  Grapes were a big part of my families life too.  The vine grows up the pole and the branches are what produces fruit.  Without the vine….the branches die.  Jesus is saying that if we remain or abide or stay or linger or fellowship or stay or grow in Him…we will bear much fruit, life, prosperity, health, salvation, healing, happiness, contentment, fellowship….but apart from Him, can do nothing.

You sticking with God today?  Could you remain in Him a little more today?  If things are not just working out like they should, maybe, just maybe you need to linger a little longer, to remain a little longer with God,… prayer, in fasting, in fellowship, in His word.  I have found so often, that when I am out of whack….it is because I sort of get doing my own thing and am not connected to God like I  should be…..I am not part of the vine….

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