This is a one day brag story but is is about 3 women and their relationship with God and what they have done in the last 5  years but a lot in the last 2 years.  Swervechurch website is to encourage you in your daily walk, to invite you to Swerve and to minister to you.  But this Sunday, February 1, 2009, was the dedication of TLC Kids Care Pre-School’s new building.  It is a state of the art 9000 square foot pre-school with a Christian curriculum and a jam up staff. 

First, my wife Tracey is just unbelievable.  She, along with one of our pastors, Ramona Chadwick and Bonnie R., have single handedly, well, triple handedly raised up this building from just a vision  to a 150 student (yes it is already full at it’s completion) pre-school.  There was a lot of help from parents, teachers, friends but these three ladies did the work to get it up and built.  It reminds me of many women in the bible that did the work of the gospel. 

Now, for Tuesday, I have a word for all of you; but for today….Tracey, Pastor Ramona and Bonnie….I have a word for you.  Good job my faithful servants.  You have advanced the kingdom of God on this earth as it is in heaven.  You guys are awesome.  As you  have sowed your life into this place of ministry, God will sow into your lives.  You are the most awesome women I have ever seen.  God Be With You…and I have some stuff for you regular swervechurch visitors tomorrow.  Thanks.