Altar.  A place where sacrafices are done to make things right with God.  Before Jesus, sacrificing was done at the Temple year after year to pay for sins.  It was how things were made right with God. 

Jesus came so that we would no longer have to sacrifice…sacrificing is supposed to be over with.  It is supposed to be done…… And it is done.  Jesus said, It Is Finished….don’t go back to sacrificing.   I did it for you.

I was praying for a man last week after I preached to a group of folks and he felt that he had to rub beads, to pay the church, to do “stuff” to be forgiven.  I told him that God was not mad at him for his sins….that God actually loved him so much that He sent Jesus to die for his sins.   Nothing was required except to love God and give his life to Him.  He still has his beads….but now he also has Jesus Christ.  God will work on the beads. 

So, where do you stand with God?  I will tell you that He ain’t mad at you.

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