Them Florida boys are tough…..led by one tough cat..Tebow.   I am not a real football fan but I watched the game and the determination of the teams…and the leaders, the quarterbacks.  Tebow was determined to win.  It was an Attitude

Ok, big deal….Football…, but it is a big deal,…at least to a whole lot of folks in this country.  1 Corinthians 9:24 talks about an athletic competition and how only one will win that competition.  It says that many run the race but only one will win it, so run so that you may receive it.  Run so that you know you will get it.  Run so that you have the advantage.  Run so that you are in a position to win.  Run so that you can be proud of what you have done.  Run so that you may possess the win.  You see, it is an issue of ability but it is more a position of ATTITUDE.

We have to run the race of life so that we may receive it.  We have to have the correct attitude to do it.  I am not talking about works to obtain salvation.  I am talking about the “I came that you should have life and have it more abundantly” sort of lifestyle.  To win over depression, to win over gloom and doom, to win over a belief that nothing is going my way, to win over the things of this world.  When Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray, He said, “on earth, like it is in heaven”.  That sort of win. 

So, go out today, at your workplace, at you church, at the store, at the lake, at the golf course, at the park and at the store and put yourself and your attitude in a position to win for God… already have!

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