“It is finished” John 19:30.  What is finished?

So, just what does this mean?   In context, Jesus was on the cross, between two thieves.  It was just a few seconds before the end of Jesus’ life.  John 19:28-30 says that “Jesus, after knowing all things were accomplished, …Jesus said  it is finished” 

Just what was “accomplished or finished?”   Different words in English (accomplished/finished) but not in Greek.   It is the word Teleo.   This word in Greek basically means that a debt is retired.  Let me tell you what was teleod, (accomplished or finished)…what debt was retired.

Our sin……….Past……Present……..Future.  

I don’t know about you, but I need that.  The only thing we need to do  to get our sin Teleoed is to accept Jesus Christ……..and if you have already done that then you are half way there…   You now only have to accept the fact that, well, it is finished….done,…debt paid.  This concept seems to be the harder part for us.  Satan wants us to think that we need to  go back again and again and again and again….(get the point)…(like the sacrifice of offering the sacrifice again and again and again,  over and over and over) to obtain forgiveness. 

We do not.  Jesus paid the debt once and for all.  Debt paid.  It is finished.  Dead end. However you want to shake it out.  Do not wallow in guilt about just how messed up you are…Jesus died for that and you are forgiven…You are forgiven…you are forgiven.

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