get_smart-tvYou may be too young to remember this show.  I am 50 and remember it.  So if you do not remember it….well, sorry.  But here is the point of it and then the modern day equivalent.  The star, Maxwell Smart was an agent for the Government.  He was a goofball……Modern day equivalent…well, like me and my buddy Mike Ellis.  But God has a plan for people like me and Maxwell Smart….goofballs and screw ups.

He says in the first part of the book James….If any of  you lacks wisdom, all you need to do is to ask for it.  God gives wisdom in 3 ways,…..The scriptures here say He gives it  to all…(if any of you lack wisdom)  He gives it generously…..a lot of it…..He gives it without finding fault with us…(He gives it without finding fault).   Just read this verse really quick. 

Got some stuff you need wisdom on today,….like your marriage, your future, your job, your need for a spouse, your boss, a business, relationships, your parents, some item of unforgiveness……how to pay the rent, a child who is rebellious, your own rebellion or disbelief, maybe an addiction or addictions?  I have asked God for this for, well, many of the things I have just listed above….and I am still working on them and God on me despite my own disobedience… about you?

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