Chicken Little was hunting for worms and an acorn hit her head.  She thought the sky was falling and whipped up such a large group of other chickens and told them that the sky was falling and that they all should go tell the king.  All of these hens…some were probably Roosters!!!! then headed out and almost got eaten by a fox.  All over one acorn. 

I was reading a article by Andrew Wommack today about this.  It tells about the gloom and doom predicted by so many in the know about what is going on in today’s world.  Check it out.  We have got to get a grip on our fear and trust in God.  Chicken Little got all fired up over one acorn.  Now, before you get totally ticked off at me,…I know the economy, the wars, the bailouts, the weather, the overall loss of wealth and jobs is not….one …… acorn…..well, maybe to God it is.  I spoke in another blog about Isaac sowing in a land during a famine and he got an hundredfold return.  Check it out. 

Trust in God.  Let not your heart be troubled, believe in God, believe also in Me.  John 14:1.  I just want to encourage you today.  Refuse to start out your first week of this new year in fear.  I encourage you today to believe that God is bigger than anything else in your life.  If you want to talk, comment or email my email. 

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