Hey, my computer got really sick…..I am on a borrowed lap top…  Please do not give up on me….  My machine is in the shop and will not be fixed until January 5!!!!!  Big Bummer.

I am heading out to Maggie Valley, NC until January 4 with the family.  I have this borrowed laptop and an air card….  I will be limited but I will have some stuff for you when I get settled in this weekend…  God has put so much on my heart to share with you…..you guys that ping on my blog…and many of you do…. just cut me some slack for a few days…Till I can get stoked in NC.

Just don’t give up on me.  Give me a few days.  Check on me on maybe Monday… I will be settled in, through the weather between Daytona Beach and Maggie Valley and will try the air card from there.

Merry Christmas.

Pastor Louie