Fox Holes began as a slit in the earth, a slit trench, where soldiers would lay and  shoot.  These did not work very well as bullets easily penetrated the shallow earth and approaching tanks could easily roll over and crush the soldier in the trench.  Fox holes were born then, when soldiers dug holes into the earth that opened up in the bottom so that soldiers could stand up and shoot, then squat when under attack or if a tank came by and rolled over them.  They worked much better.  More protection, more cover and concealment, better place to fire back when under attack.

In Matthew 8:20 Jesus is approached by a scribe, an expert in the Jewish oral Law, the Talmud, and the written law.  The scribe says, he will follow Jesus wherever he goes.  Jesus replies, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests,  but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”

We, like the scribe, the expert in the law, have to decide the cost of following Jesus.  It will cause exposure,….not to tanks and bullets….but to us individually and to the Lord.  We will be exposed to ourselves.  We will not be able any longer to hide behind or in foxholes about those things that keep us apart from the Lord.  We will be exposed to attack of self examination….not about our salvation but our walk.  We will also be exposed to the Lord,…..start peeling back parts of ourselves to Him…to let Him work on us.

A lot of my Christian walk,… I have hid in a foxhole.   God is still working on me.   As I trust more and more on God, I am exposing more and more.

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