Most of us want fringe benefits.  Health care, insurance, retirement, 401k, bonuses, use of company vehicle, company cell phone, good working hours, good office location,  the corner office!!  Fringe benefits…

Some fringe benefits come with money attached, some with status.  You don’t have to look very far today to see that much of this is going away in today’s economy.  Fringe benefits that we usually take for granted are being questioned.  I saw today in the paper that pension benefits are being suspended.  Fringe benefits,….they can’t be taken for granted or can they?

Psalm 68:19 says that God daily loads us with benefits.  He loads us up…..daily with benefits.  During good times and during a recession.  During business hours and after hours.  I have searched this scripture and do not find it being suspended.   You see, God is the fringe benefit king.  He has benefits beyond physical boundaries. 

God wants to load you today with benefits.  You need some?  Me too.  Soak on God’s word today…..He is waiting to load you with benefits.  He wants to load you with benefits today.

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