treasurechest300Treasure hunters.  They are some unusual cats.  They go to every means to get to the treasure.  It seems like nothing else matters but finding the treasure, the mother load.   Mel Fisher was a treasure hunter and was always in the news.  He finally  did find millions of dollars of gold coins in the ocean.  This is what he lived for.

Many of us live for treasure too.  Our treasure is the house we live in.  It is the car we drive.  It is the neighborhood we live in.  It is the job we have.  It is the status we have in the community.  It is the clothes we wear.  It is the place in the church we have or the church we  go to.  It is the amount of money we make.  It is the investments we have.  It  is the social status we hold. 

Jesus talked about treasure too!  He said in Matthew 6;21, “For where your treasure is,  there you heart will be also.”  So, it begs the question, where is your treasure?  I grappled with this, and quite frankly, still grapple with it.  Where is our treasure?  Scriptures say that is where our treasure is…that is where our heart is…so where is our heart? 

I want this word today to drive  you to ask God…..where should your  heart be today…….I was just on a long hike and this is what I was asking  God for me….and for you.

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