Jesus was a carpenter…..a builder……He would be the guy today that may have a tattoo on his body, may have to be driven to work, may be a day laborer.   He did not have a formal education, did not have a degree, did not have a pedigree according to the standards of the day.  He was a laborer.

I built the house I live in.  I mean, that a builder did the paperwork and me and him lined up the sub-contractors.  I helped with the labor and had to work to get many of the subs to work.  Some had to be picked up because they did not have a driver’s license.  Some were substance abusers.  Others were just poor managers with their resources.  They were, however, craftsmen…..just not where they wanted to be…..because I asked them.

Jesus was a laborer for about 30 years before he finally got to what  God would have him to do.   It seems that he too was a work in progress…You struggling with “who” you are or “what” you need to be doing for God or in  your family or in your job or in your life? 

Just be patient.  God is doing a work in you and He will fulfill it.   Be patient.  It may take,…..well, 30 or so  years… it did with me!  This is a word of encouragement to you today….God has a plan for you.  He will fulfill it.  It may take time.

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