Ever been stabbed in the back?  Sure you have..  Probably by a friend or someone you were close to.  If you were a boss, then probably by someone you supervised.  It is never good.  It is never fun.  It is usually by people that are jealous of you……know what I mean?  There is a story in the bible about back stabbin’ so do not dismay.

Daniel was stabbed in the back.  He was in a strange country as a captive, but was favored by God (even during bad times)  and as a result, was elevated to one of the highest positions in the country (Babylon).  These cats that were jealous of him talked to the Babylonian king to make a law that no one could worship any god for 30 days or they would be thrown into the lions den.  King made the law and Daniel prayed to the great I Am.  Bingo, stabbed in the back and thrown into the lion’s den.  Daniel was in the den overnight and the scriptures say that God sent His angel to shut the mouth of the lions.  Check out this story when you get a minute. It is a little long so read this blog first then come back and see the real deal.  It will encourage you.

I will bet that there is someone that has, is trying or has tried to stab you in the back.  Someone at my work is doing it This Week!!  I will bet that there is something that is trying to devour you…..a lion of sorts.  It may have you captive like Daniel was!!  It may be a friend, it may be an enemy.  This lion may be physical or it may be spiritual.  This lion may be financial, it may be debt,  or it may be in the area of your health.   I do not know exactly where the lion is waiting to devour a part of you.  I do know this……I want you to know today, right now, that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is here today to send His angel to shut the mouth of the lion.  To close it up.  Rest easy today….  The scriptures said that Daniel prospered during this time…..You can too.  Just believe.  If you need help understanding this.., contact me. 

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