One part on every arrest form or police report is a place for an alias or AKA ( also known as).  Ask any police officer!  This means that someone would be known by another name but it would not really change who they were.  I mean that they could use another name but it did not change their DNA or fingerprints.  An Alias isusually used to conceal someones true identity.  This sort of thing occurred in the Bible too!  Check this out.

There were 3 Jewish boys who were known for not having any physical defects, handsome, smart, quick to learn,…just really all together.  Their names are most commonly known as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  This was their alias or AKA.  Their real Jewish names were Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah.   You see, an evil Babylonian king captured them, and changed their names.  Gave them and AKA.   You see…..the king did not want them to be who they really were, so he changed their names…but not who they really were.  When these young boys did not worship the god that this Babylonian king ordered them to,…they were thrown into a furnace of fire.  The furnace killed the guards that put these boys into the fire but the fire did not kill them. 

You see, the Babylonian king could change their names….give them an AKA,….but he could not change who they were….. children of God.  The same applies to you.  Satan, your father, your mother, your boss, your ….anyone, can change your name or call you anything they want but……they can not change who you are….if you believe in Jesus Christ…you are a child of God.  It does not matter who calls you what…..if you are in relationship (and I pray fellowship) with Jesus Christ, then you are a child of the Most High God….no matter what  your AKA is.

So, guess what?  No matter what comes your way…. you are going to be OK.  I guarantee it.  By the way…this is Lee Harvey Oswald.

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