Sleep with dogs and you will get fleas.  Ever have anyone tell you that or some saying like that?   Psalm 1 gives really clear instruction on not getting fleas.  Psalm 1 is sort of a biblical flea collar. 

There are 3 really neat verbs in this Psalm and they have to do with a process of getting into trouble..or getting fleas.  The Psalm says blessed is the man who does not, walk in ungodly counsel, stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.  A process.  First you walk under ungodly counsel, then stop and stand and listen along the way, then you finally sit in the seat and embrace.  Of course, if them dogs have fleas you are now bit.

God wants  you to prosper.  This Psalm says that if you do not engage in this walking, standing, sitting, that you will be blessed.  We have to be diligent to watch ourselves, our comments, our thoughts, our actions, especially our associations.  It is so easy to get drug into negative talk, negative thoughts and negative beliefs.  (Especially Sunday afternoons ….. maybe at lunch?)

Are you around someone who is negative no matter what?  They may have fleas.  Watch out.

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