Sorry I missed a day.  Had to go out of town early to late.  I am back!!

I went to a homeless ministry the other night that my home skillet buddy Mike Ellis does when it gets cold.  Check out his blog.  So, I get there, the big dog to give the big impactive message.  My brother Frank was doing the acoustic guitar deal and doing a good job.  4 guys gave their lives to Christ and that is always exciting to me.  4 or 5 more came outside, away from the crowd, for healing in the area of addictions, forgiveness and theft.  We took care of that too.  God is so awesome.  It was so outstanding to minister.

But let me tell you the real show stopper of the night.  There was my  home skillet Mike’s boy, Devon and another about 8 year old or so boy serving food and drinks to homeless men and women… Disheveled, unshaven, sort of ragged and absolutely …well, down and out.  They did it with smiles on their faces and were actually really…… I mean, a kid can not hide it, really happy to serve the folks …it was like they were playing….well, .. child’s play…they were having fun!  I would probably look the other way or ignore them if I saw them on the street.  Maybe you too….?  Well, I used to anyway.  Not anymore.

Proverbs 4:27 says this, “do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.”  I will bet that me and you have some good that someone near us needs……especially now in these tough times.   Look for those in need…Sow some good today.

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