Monday’s are tough at my house.  Getting all the kids ready, all their stuff, homework and all that.  Mondays must be tough for other folks too.  I was getting on the on ramp this morning on the Interstate and this guy would not let me merge in.  I mean, he really intentionally made it really hard for me.  He then sped around me and looked at me in an angry way.  Then an old couple, you have seen them drive….they tried to get into Cracker Barrel across one lane.  This other guy edged them out and almost ran them off of the road.  The anger is just amazing. 

What happened to the time when we would let people in or over?  What happened to the time when we would let someone else go first?  Ephesians 4:32 says simply this, “Be kind to one another”.  The word “kind” in this verse actually means to be useful or helpfulto one another.  My wish today is that I will be, that you will be useful or helpful to one another.  No one will know and I will not tell anyone,…but try this…..after you read this either at home or work or wherever you are……just go to the person in your  home, workplace, ect… and …..well, see if you can be useful.  By doing so, you are living 5 little words of scripture.  I am headed out right now to see if I can help my staff folks….offer to get them a cup of coffee. 

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