Times were tough.  Famine in the land.  No food, no jobs, the local camel factory was in bad shape and wanted a bailout.  This was a time for a guy named Isaac in Genesis 26, first 3 verses.  Isaac had a strategy.  God told Isaac to stay where he was and that He would bless him.  This is recorded in Genesis 26.  Isaac did as God said and stayed where he was, in Gerar.  This place, Gerar,  has a meaning that can be traced to, bringing up the cud, like a cow would do.  It sort of means to ….vomit back up.

Stuff, or cud, is stored in a cow’s stomach that is not easily digested and the cud is brought back up and  the cow chews it and it can then be digested and processed.  It is then healthy.  See, God had something for Isaac, right there in Gerar, eventhough it was in a state of famine.  The scriptures say that Isaac planted crops in the land….during a famine….right there…..and that same year Isaac reaped 100 fold……up from within the ground…he brought up the cud that God had for him right there!

Our land is in a financial famine right now as well as a spiritual famine.  I would say to dig deep inside yourself right now.  Stay where you are and seek the cud that God has prepared inside of you, that God has softened inside of you…it will sustain you. 

Louie @ Lmercer6@cfl.rr.com