That is what we normally think. If it is that I can not want, then it must be money.  It has to be.  The Beatles did a song, (yes I am dating myself) that says money can’t buy me love.  Well, it can some types, but not what you think.  My wife does not read my blogs so I have nothing to gain here by her reading this…but she is a fantastic wife, mother, sister, daughter and employer.  She is the best woman I have ever met.  Money can’t buy what I have in her.  Money can’t buy what I have in my family.  Money can’t buy what I have in God….

Why is it that we put all our emphasis on money?  I know as a guy, I put a lot of emphasis on how much I make…..bad decision if you get laid off…  My wife and I decided a few years ago to get out of debt.  It seemed impossible when we decided to do it,  but just after 911, but we prayed about it and asked God to show us a way.  We have paid off our house, paid off one vehicle, have a monthly balance on a credit card that we pay off and we are now down to a small balance on the remaining car. 

Being freed from that makes our money decisions so much easier.  I think it was John Wesley who said, make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.  We do that.  God has shown us a way to be in a state of not wanting……money….   I am getting to the parts of not wanting health, happiness, healing, sensitivity.  God is showing us ways to get that too.  Man, God is cool.

Louie @ Lmercer6@cfl.rr.com