That is what farming can be….dirty stuff.  After Thanksgiving, I went to my buddy Deen’s house in the country.  He has about 1000 acres, of which 100 right behind his house is farm land.  I love it there!  They were preparing the ground for cabbage.  Plowing, making rows and bedding the plants.  I have eaten cabbage and potatoes from this field for years.  It was amazing watching them farm this land, knowing from experience, that this ground produces a wealth of produce.   However, preparing the ground…well, is dirty stuff.  Dust, dirt, water and tractors going everywhere.  The transformation is amazing.

Jesus told a story about farming in Matthew 13 and how the farmer planted seed in the ground but some of the seed did not produce.  He later explained that this story was really about…well, us, me and you and how the seed was effected by our attitudes and actions about God.  It is really a story about our heart. 

My heart…dirty stuff.  The bible says that from the mouth comes the overflow of the heart.  Out of my mouth comes some,…well, dirty stuff sometimes.  More than I like.   I wonder how my heart really is toward God sometimes.  It seems to be a work in progress with me.  God wants our heart….dirty and all.

God is farming our heart; plowing, making rows and planting.  It can be dirty stuff sometimes.  However, He has it under control.  Try, more and more, to let Him into your life.  It can be dirty stuff and He can clean out the dirty stuff.  We are a done deal.

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