He was with his friends, all together eating, it was a big meal, they were breaking bread, in one room.  The upper room.  There was drama for sure.  One of them would stab him in the back for chump change, another would deny him in a short time.  A couple more of them were fighting about who was the best.  All this recorded in the gospels..   Sounds like….well, some families at Thanksgiving.

Jesus was facing a very short time.  And He knew it.  And at this last Thanksgiving for Jesus, he was …well, giving thanks.  Listen to what He said,  ” Jesus, when he took the cup he gave thanks….  and He took the bread, gave thanks and broke it……”

If Jesus was facing certain death, in a short time, and He knew it….certainly we can give thanks despite what we are going through right now.  It was the last Thanksgiving for Jesus and he gave thanks…is it yours?  Give thanks this weekend.  God Bless you all that ping on this blog these next few days.  I am thanking God for you! Bet on it. 

Pastor Louie