This is a busy time of the year.  Thanksgiving, Black Friday (biggest shopping day of the year) cooking meals for Thursday, decorations, travel, unreasonable schedules,  just all of the stuff that goes on with this time of the year….and if you have kids and families…like most of us do, well, then add to the craziness. 

Jesus was the same (just no Christmas).  He was picking his cabinet (disciples), he was healing folks left and right, people were clamoring to be around him and get a piece of him.  He was driving out evil spirits, getting baptized  by John and being tempted by Satan, healing Peter’s mother in law!!  All of this was in the first 34 verses of the book of Mark.  Busy time of year for Him.

Here is what he did ….and here is what we should do….really.  Jesus just checked out.  He disconnected.  He turned off his blackberry, unhooked the Internet, turned off Fox, just wigged out.  Mark 1:35 (the verse just after the first 34), says this, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”  It is a busy few days coming up.  Get up early…maybe don’t leave the house, maybe do, but get somewhere, where it is quiet and ask God to speak to you.  Tell God thanks.  Listen to what He would tell you to do.  Pray.  Just Pray. Really.  Just check out for a few minutes.  Just like Jesus did.  It will be time worth spent.

Pastor Louie