I am really impatient, along with many other faults.  Give it to me short and sweet.   Bottom line.  Drive through.  Solution now.  Finish it.  One hour printing, one hour photo, one hour glasses. Bank on line, shop on line, pay bills on line.  Microwave.  News on the web.  Executive summary. I scan read, headlines only.  Instant rice.  Short and sweet.  Why is this taking so long?  What is the point?……..  So I get frustrated when my walk with God does not always manifest itself in actions that I think are always pleasing to God.   My actions…or my fruit.  I screw up..a lot!  You ever feel that way or is it just me that is not always satisfied with my walk with God?

Anyway, Jesus told a parable about this….The Kingdom..or our walk with Mark 4:26-29  (cool…a very short parable..only 4 verses).  It tells about a man scattering seed and how that seed grows, first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel….and then, soon, the fruit is ripe.  It is a process.  And the parable says it grows eventhough the farmer does not know it.  So, do not be discouraged if things take time.  Our walk with God is a process.  Work out the kinks when you hit a rough spot……and keep growing.  It is not like a microwave but a crock pot.

Pastor Louie