Amber Alert.  Young Jewish boy ran away from home.  Forced to work for orange peels,  not fed, all alone, wants to come home. 

This is a story in the bible about a young, selfish, I have it figured out sort of person…known as the Prodigal Son…but it can be a daughter, son, husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, employee, employer….it fits us all.  Check out the story when you get a minute.  When we walk away from God,..when we take what we can and turn our backs and do it out  way….we are that person. And that person, the Prodigal Son, well, he felt alone, felt like he should go home…..maybe he needed an amber alert for someone to look for him and hopefully bring him back. 

That person would be God who wants us back and is waiting for us.  On this Monday morning,..just think about where, when, how you/we/me/I have turned out back on God and wanted to do it our own way.  My prayer for….well, me first, ……then you,  is that we will do it God’s way first……before we get so out of socket that we are….alone and so far gone that we need an amber alert to get us back. 

Pastor Louie