So me and a buddy were shopping in a grocery store this afternoon.  He actually was shopping and needed a ride so I went with him.  He shopped and I hung around the store.  When it was time to check out, he forgot something……ever been there?  Well, I started unloading the cart for him and he ran back to get the Tide he forgot.  In the interim, someone else got in line behind me.  I was unloading my buddy’s stuff while this man behind me was waiting.  My buddy then reappeared and jumped in line right behind me to put his stuff on the conveyor belt.  Now, to add fuel to the fire…..I am white and my buddy is black.  We have this ebony and ivory sort of gig going on.  He is my buddy first….and a different color second. 

So, the guy behind me challenges my buddy about him jumping in line and sort of gives him some bunk…. like road rage but sort of a shopping cart rage sort of thing.  I stopped and looked, the cahsier stopped and looked, the folks nearby stopped and looked….I mean this black guy certainly could not be with this white guy….could he?  He could and was..and will be again.  Now my buddy is a godly man who teaches me a lot about life…..he did today too!

The man finally challenged him about jumping in line…and my friend,…with a calm, deliberate, soothing voice said, “I would never cut in front of you and I am sorry if I offended you, please go ahead but this is my order and my friend is only unloading it for me.”  I felt the air come back in the room and the Shopping Cart Rager…..unraged. 

The scriptures say that a soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger and  the scriptures also say that he who is slow to wrath has great understanding.  This bible stuff works!

Pastor Louie