Sometimes I can’t stand my neighbors.  I grew up in a small town and knew all of our neighbors.   I basicallly liked all of our neighbors.  What happened when I grew up?   I now have about one set of neighbors that I like.  The rest…..well, to be honest, one of them I basically dislike so much I ignore them. (of course, they ignored me first……..((justification for me being bad myself??))  ).  Sounds lame doesn’t it….it is….sounds immature….it is.   I was going to say that I hate them but I know I should not say that because it would shatter the facade that I am a good person.  You ever feel like this or is it just me?  See, with my neighbors,…. Sometimes,…..I am looking for a loophole to get out of loving them.

Jesus talked about a person, maybe just sort of like me in one of His Parables. (check it out, it talks about a loophole).  Two big church dudes walked by this fellow Jew that got robbed and beat up.  They did not lift a hand.  The guy was bloody and their law said they should not touch him….. Walla, a loophole!!  The Law!! (also, and also).  Then this lower socially ranked person came by… did not have a legal loophole like the big dudes did and helped the beat up guy.  Jesus said that the guy who helped was actually loving his neighbor.  No loophole.

Most of my neighbors do not know the Lord.  Probably what they do know of the Lord would come from…..their neighbor…me!  Jesus wants us to love our neighbor.   The one that lives next to us, works next to us, is homeless, dirty, a different color than us, a different political affiliation than us, goes to another church, bad breath, is dishonest, a different sexual orientation than us, believes in abortion…..  How  you doing with this?  I need some work!…or a loophole.

Pastor Louie