Supposed experts say that the economy is in the toilet.  If you think about it, the toilet takes away…..well, bad stuff… know…..stuff…waste.  Maybe, just maybe bad stuff is being taken away from us.  I am not saying that all of this is being caused by God or that God is taking away all of our….stuff.  It just looks like our country has indulged in more  house than we could really afford, more car or SUB than we could really afford, more flat screens than we could really afford, more stuff that we wanted and did not really need.  So now the toilet to take away….well, the stuff we may not really need.

Look at what 1 Timothy 1:7-8says.  It clearly states that we came into the world with nothing and with nothing we will leave. Be content with what you have.  If you are not content….search your heart.  God wants to bless you, yes He does, but he wants you to search for and find contentment…..right where you are.  Get mad at me if you want….that is ok.

Pastor Louie