You know that our imagination, our thoughts can get us into a lot of trouble?  I struggle with my thoughts and imagination.  Maybe you don’t?   I was in the mall the other day waiting for the senior pastors so we could go to one of my favorite spots to eat lunch,….Piccadilly.  I was a little early so I sat out on a table in the food court and people watched.  Well, people watch turned into girl watch…..yep, sure did.  (Sure  you guys reading this can identify with this….if not….you probably also struggle with lies too!…..girls…guy watch?)  So waiting to talk to the senior pastors about church stuff and this woman walks by.  I had an imagination, a thought(s) and it was a vivid thought(s) and they were not about apple pie or ice cream.  

I then began to think about what Paul said in 2 Corinthians about how we should capture our thoughts.  Now that is tough.  Take our thoughts captive.  Almost impossible.  Jesus also talked about thoughts.  He was in the book of Matthew when he was talking about adultery.  Everyone knows that cheating on your spouse is a no no.  But Jesus bumped up a notch when he said that even if you think about another person the wrong way, it is a sin.  Check it out.  Ouch. 

What about hate, what about neglect, what about …….fill in the blank with your thoughts that are not captive to Christ.  I have.  This Christian walk is meant to make us better.  We have to work on it daily.  We have to die to self daily.  We have to renew out mind…….daily.  Will hit on that next time. 

Pastor Louie