Ever felt that way?  Ever feel that someone else got your stuff and you got shortchanged, er….screwed?  Ever think that you deserved more and someone else got the same you got and they did not deserve it?  This sort of stuff is in the bible, you know.  Yep, there is a story in the bible about it. 

There was a parable that Jesus taught in Matthew 20:1-16 that outlines this.  It is a story of a person that owns a vineyard.  The owner needs help and goes out at different times of the day to hire workers to work the vineyard.  Some the owner hires at 6am, others 9am, others noon, others 3pm and still others 5pm….they all end at 6pm.  The owner of the vineyard gets to the end of the day and pays  all the workers the same.  This makes  the workers  that came in at 6am mad because they feel they got screwed.  The workers that came in at 5pm and worked one hour got the same pay as the ones that came in at 6am and worked 12 hours.  The owner said it was his business to pay the same if he wanted to because the ones that came in at 6am  agreed to work for the wages paid. 

We tend to get mad when we feel we are shortchanged or screwed.  We think we deserve better because we have been doing it longer or better or we have been at it longer or we have paid our dues and he/she/whoever, has not.  We worry about someone else and forget that we got what we deserved.  How about the thief on  the cross.  He did not tithe, speak in tongues, serve on any committees, be an usher, teach a class, do a blog, or anything like that but he…..along with the workers that worked only a short time…….gets what everyone else gets that follows the letter of the law….and loves Jesus.  That would be eternal life.

Ever been screwed?  I have!  But God is faithful. He is in charge.  He is the Man.  Allow Him to bless those He would bless……and while you are at it….on this Monday morning….how about thanking God for what you have and not complain about what you do not have.  Can you do it?

Pastor Louie