Racism is alive and well in America.  Just take a look around.  I am white.  Ok Big deal.  I read an article today in the Daytona Beach News Journal about a program where college professors at Daytona State College are trying to help African American males succeed in college.  Success in education is needed…no matter who you are, but this program is targeted at folks that have statistically not performed well in academic settings.  So helping them is good. I think.  I had problems with math and really needed help.  I read some of the posts about the program and could not believe my eyes.  I am a white, conservative, very southern, Republican,…but I just looked at the posts and was disapointed.  Check out the article.

But this reminded me of a racist in the bible.  His name was Haman.  Funny how things don’t change much over a few thousand years.  Haman was a bible racist in the book of Esther.  He wanted to kill the Jews just because they were Jews.  It is listed in Esther 3.  He was a hateful man.  We have a lot of hate in our country. You don’t have to look too far.  We need to root this out as sin.  OK we may not want to think of it as sin, but it is sin.  The white hats of the KKK are clearly hate.  But how about the hate, the racism that does not have a white hat on it.  It may have some dockers covering it or a suit, maybe a pretty  building (or a church).  It may be how we talk to our kids or our buddies.  However it is packaged, we need to get rid of racism,…sin….  Root it out of our churches….which can be white or black churches,…out of our businesses…..our of our self.  What do you think about racism….?

We normally associate racism with slavery and color but the bible does not see color.  It says in Colossions 3:11 that Christ is all and in all….free or slave.

Fight racism in  your own heart….like I do often.

Pastor Louie