OK.  First, I do not think Obama is a bad person.  I disagree with his positions on abortion, health care, taxes, the economy, the war…..just to hit the main ones.  But I got blasted on a post that I did a few posts down called McCain or Obama where a person disagreed with my position on that we should submit to the authorities as  listed in Romans 13 and other places, etc. 1 Timothy 2.  Check out the comments on the post if you like but let me get to the point.  So, I thought I would clarify why I believe this. 

Would God allow a bad King, President, Ruler to be put in place…..much less in charge of His people?  Yes.  You just need to look at 1 Samuel 8.  Samuel was ruling the people but the people, actually the leaders of Israel, the elders, wanted a King….not a Judge like Samuel or even his up and coming sons.  Samuel was miffed and went to God about it….good idea when you get miffed..go to God.  God says in verse 8, “Let them have what they want.  But give them a strong warning. Let them know what the King that rules over them will do.” (NIV)  Then Samuel proceeds to tell the people just how bad it is going to be….and just how bad of a leader their King will be, all the stuff this King will do with their money, their children, their way of life.  The people heard it, they demanded this bad King and God Himself said in verse 21, “Listen to them.  Give them a King.” Bam. Done. The people voted.  They got what they wanted.  Enter bad King.   

You see, even if Obama were bad to the bone and we felt he was our enemy….again, the bible says we should pray for him. (Matthew 5:44 and Luke 6:28).

Pastor Louie