The exodus is told in the early part of the bible but also in Psalm 105.  What is amazing to me when I continue to read about the  exodus of God’s people from Egypt is how they got out of there with so much stuff that belonged to the bad guys.  But what is most amazing to me is that these people, the people of Israel got out not only with the booty, the cash, the goods….but even after over 400 years of captivity….they got out with their health.  Psalm 105:37 says that they got out with the silver and gold and  no one faltered or were sick.

God has a way of restoring things taken during captivity.  Tonight I was just overcome with the vision of people in bondage over drugs, debt and divorce….DDD.  I don’t know why but if you are struggling with either drugs, debt or divorce,….it is like God is speaking to me to tell you that you can get out now….Moses is on the way to deliver  you out of the bondage of drugs, debt and divorce.  You can come out of it with silver and gold,….which means that you can have restored to you what was taken when you entered bondage….and you can come out of it…not sick or feeble. 

I hope this would strike a chord with you as God would speak to me…I will speak to you.   Get out while the gettin’ is good.  Get out of drug addictions…now.  You wanted a sign…here it is.  Yes, this is God wanting you out of drugs now.  Get out of debt…..don’t charge another thing… rearrange your finances and get on board with God….give and it will be given to you……  Get out of the divorce..God wants to restore and regenerate your marriage…..

Get out while the gettin’ is good.  God will restore and the bondage you have been in,…what was taken will be restored and you will come out not sick or feeble.