Yep, it is in the bible.  There was this guy named Lazarus in the bible.  Actually there were a couple of guys named Lazarus.  The one, in particular, had some body odor.  Really, check it out.  It is in John 11: 1-44 and yes it is a little bit of a long story.  44 whole verses.  Should take you about 4 minutes one evening…..or now.  Anyway, this guy Lazarus was a friend of Jesus.  As a matter of fact, the bible says that Jesus loved Lazarus.  Not in a broke back mountain sort of way but a real way.  The word used is phileo, which means a really good friend. 


Lazarus had a problem and got really sick.  So sick that he died.  The people around knew that Jesus and Lazarus were friends, so they sent for Jesus to come right away.  Jesus deliberately did not come right away.  He lingered for a few days and got there after 4 days.  Lazarus had already been buried and …well, he began to stink.  Some really bad body odor, if you know what I mean.  That did not deter Jesus, who told the friends to move the rock away so Jesus could get inside.  Once inside, he told Lazarus to come on out.  Lazarus did and, well, no more body odor.


The body odor on Lazarus was very obvious.  Maybe ours is not so obvious.  Maybe ours can not even be smelled because we have so much perfume, cologne, and deodorant on…..the outside that the smell is not detectable.  But, I suspect we have some things that stink.  Some body odor inside.  Jesus has been waiting on that too but not because of Him,…but because of us, you and me.  He wants to come and get that body odor taken care of.  Got something that stinks?  Let’s get the stones rolled back and let Jesus take care of it.


Pastor Louie