Naked Mole Rats

Naked Mole Rats

I know I risk some odd hits on web searches on the title but, oh well.  Adam and Eve were having a pretty good time in the Garden.  Flora and fauna all over the place and they were just enjoying it.  They had it made.  God wanted them to take care of the place.  And in that last verse of Genesis 2 it says that they were naked and they felt no shame. Wonder what that is like?  Just about the only place that I do not feel ashamed when I am naked is in the shower.  Then sometimes that is a toss up.  But Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed.  That was until the serpent showed up.


The serpent represented sin.  Sin entered their lives and our lives at that point, when the serpent convinced Adam and Eve that disobedience is not such a bad thing.  The scriptures then say in Genesis 3 that Adam and Eve heard the voice of the Lord and hid because they were …..naked.  From unashamed to ashamed.  Naked in sin.


See, God sees all the sin in our lives whether we are naked or not.  That is why He sent his son, Jesus who was telling a story in Matthew 25 about someone who was naked and they were given clothes.  Jesus said that when someone is naked and you give them clothes, you are actually doing it to Him.  Jesus took our shame……whether we are naked or not, and bore it on the cross.  He clothed Himself in blood to cover our nakedness.  That is so awesome.  God loves us, skin and all.

Pastor Louie