I just left a funeral for a good friend.  Pastor Billy of Palm Coast Community Church did one of the best presentations of the Gospel at a funeral that I have ever heard.  A celebration service.  Rocky was a red neck.  That may offend some of you but for those that are a red neck,….in the truest sense of the word, it is a good thing.  Not the kind of red neck that is racist, hate filled, drunken, sarcastic, KKK …..all the bad stuff.  But a yes sir, yes ma mm, hold the door for a lady, open the truck door for a woman, take your hat off at the table, let the ladies go first, pray before meals, love your wife and kids, loves sweet tea, God and country sort of red neck. 

Well, he had a red neck send off.  There were as many trucks in the parking lot as cars.  Pastor Billy showed a watch of Rocky’s that was part of the crash and the time on the watch stopped at 9:01 a.m., the day he and his wife Anna, died.  9:01…………………………We all have a 9:01 coming. 

Are you ready for your 9:01?  Better get ready because it is coming one day whether you are ready or not.  Now the good news is that you can get ready and the preparation is absolutely free. Jesus Christ came to this world for my and your 9:01’s.  He was custom made for our 9:01’s.  Salvation is a gift.  It is free but not automatic.  You have to ask for it.  This messy thing called sin is in our lives and God sent His son, Jesus for us to take away or be a substitute for our sin.  All you have to do is Turn…….turn from your sin…..swerve…get it…. turn or swerve around it.  Turn from it.  Turn away from sin and toward God.  This is so easy, anyone can get it.

9:01….yours and mine.  It is coming.  Are you ready?

Pastor Louie